Adoption Application Process

Here lists our steps in the adoption process.

Please click here to fill out the application!

  • Dogs will be available 10 days after being transported to the fosters' homes. This is to allow time for the animal to settle, for the foster to get a sense of personality, know what best home they'd be a fit for, and in very rare instances, notice any health issues. After this time period, the dogs will be listed for adoption. Fosters of To the Moon and Back have the first right to adopt the pet in their care if they so wish.

  • Identify a pet you are interested in, listed on our websiteFacebook  page, or Petfinder. If you're not interested in a specific dog but want us to help you find the perfect fit, that's totally fine too!

  • Before applying, ensure your current pets (yes, all pets) are up to date on all vaccines and spayed/neutered. Unless there is a medical reason, we do not adopt out animals to homes with in-tact males or un-spayed females. If applying for a puppy under 6 months, your current dog(s) will need to have all vaccines, as small puppies cannot be fully inoculated against disease until 6 months of age during the vaccine schedule.

  • Ensure the application has current vet's name (if you have pets or have had pets in the past) and number as well as all three references' phone numbers. We do call all vets and references. Applications without these fields will not be considered. If you do not have pets or a current vet, don't worry! We can often help you find one!

  • Once your application is approved for a specific pet, we will set up a meet and greet with the foster and/or your current pets. We do not set up meetings unless your application is approved.  We are not a shelter and therefore do not have a building. So please consider the time of the fosters as well and understand this needs to be scheduled.

  • If the meet and greet goes well, we can proceed with the adoption process, which includes the signing of the contract and payment of adoption fees. The fees are currently $250 for dogs over 1 year and $300 for puppies.  This fee covers, but is not limited to, transportation to and from the fosters' home (often from hundreds of miles away), food for the animal, vaccinations, de-worming, flea & heartworm treatment, neuter/spay, training, and medical care. 

  • If the animal is not old enough or has not been spayed/neutered, we will provide you with a date and time to a local clinic that will complete this procedure when they have an opening. You will sign a contract stating that you will have the pet spayed/neutered by a set date and provide the rescue proof by said date. If you fail to spay or neuter your animal, you are in legal forfeiture of the adoption contract and the animal shall be returned to To The Moon and Back Rescue.

  • And, remember, we are volunteer-run with families and careers. We do this because we love animals, but please be patient with us and our responses.